Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Why can I only use 21 days?

  2. Macro Expert is a shareware, not a freeware. It is a trial version before purchasing it, so you can try it without any risk for a period of 21 days. After the period, if you want to continue using it, you should pay a fee to unlock. To purchase it, please go here.

  3. Is there a version of Macro Expert for Mac or Linux?

  4. No, Macro Expert can only runs under the windows currently.

  5. I'd like to use Macro Expert under windows 2000, is it possible?

  6. No, Macro Expert only runs under Windows XP sp3 or above, Windows 10 is recommanded.

  7. I'd like to have a macro to run even if the workstation is locked, how do I do?

  8. You just schedule it or add some triggers to turn automatically play on.

  9. I make a mistake to let a macro run at window startup, and the macro will restart the windows, how do I stop it?

  10. Please start windows in safe mode, disable the macro and then restart windows again.

  11. Can I assign a hotkey to more than one macro?

  12. Yes, when this hotkey is pressed, all macros will be launched.

  13. Can I stop logging the manager message?

  14. Yes, please refer to "General Options".

  15. Can I run a macro at a time?

  16. Yes, you can schedule the macro to run at a time.

  17. How to set the options to prevent Macro Manager from launching when I log into windows?

  18. Open Macro Manager, click the Change Settings and then select "General" tab, uncheck the item "Automatically run Macro Manager when I log on to the windows".

  19. I receive a macro script file from my friend, how do I play it?

  20. In the windows explorer, right-click the file and select the menu item "Play" or "Play with parameters".
    Please note: The macro cannot be scheduled or triggered to play if a macro is not in the macro list.

  21. I have a script file that is not in the macro data folder, can I play it automatically?

  22. No, because Macro Service will only manage the macros in the macro folder, so you have to copy or move the file into the macro folder by Windows Explorer.

  23. I have closed Macro Manager, but some macros still playback, why?

  24. Macro Expert has an important feature which can play the certain macro when a system event occurs, and a macro will play at its scheduled time. Macro Service is responsible for watching conditions that would cause a triggered or scheduled macro to play. It also monitors the hotkey of macro. A triggered or scheduled macro will be launched even if you quit Macro Manager. To stop this, you have to disable all triggers or stop the Macro Service.