Mouse Action on UI Object

You can use this action to move the mouse pointer to a UI (user interface) object, such as the button, menu item, link, etc, or click/double click the object.

The instruction is different from "Mouse Move", it communicates with the target UI object directly and will continue to work even if the object is moved in subsequent activity.


  • Carry out action Specifies the action which will be acted on the UI object .

  • Which button Specifies the mouse button to be act.

  • Move mouse pointer to position within object Specifies the position that the mouse pointer should be moved to before performing the action. The position coordinates are relative to the upper-left hand of the UI object .

  • X Specifies the X of the position in the object, which is relative to the left or right border of the object.

  • Y Specifies the Y of the position in the object, which is relative to the top of the object.

  • X coordinate is right-to-left With this option checked, the X will start from right-to-left instead of left-to-right.


  • For more information about locating a UI object , please refer to "Find a UI object".