Connect to Data Source

Establishes a connection to the data source, or connects the connections is opened in the parent task. After this action successfully completes, the connection is live until close it, and you can issue SQL query against it and process the results.


  • Connection string Specifies a string used to establish a connection to a data source. The connection string provides driver, server, username, password and other important information to the data source. The easiest way to generate a connection string is by pressing the right button.

  • Connection name in parent task For the option "Connect to data source in parent task, specifies the connection name of the data source which is opened in the parent task.

  • Location of cursor service Specifies the location of the cursor service. You can choose between using a client-side cursor library or one that is located on the server.

  • Connection name Specifies the name for the data source connection. The name will be referred in subsequent steps for accessing the data source.