Execute SQL Statement

Executes the specified query, SQL statement, stored procedure, or provider-specific text on the data source.


  • Directly connect to data source Specifies a string used to establish a connection to the data source. The connection string provides driver, server, username, password and other important information to the data source. The easiest way to generate a connection string is by pressing the right button.

  • Use existed data source connection Specifies the data source connection that should be established by the action "Connect to Data Source".

  • SQL statement Specifies the SQL statement, query name or stored procedure name.

  • Return number of records affected by SQL statement (Optional) Specifies the name of the variable, which receives the value of the number of records that the execution the SQL statement affected.

  • Dataset type Specifies the dataset type if a dataset should be created from the results.

  • Dataset name (Optional) Specifies the name for the dataset. The name will be referred in subsequent steps for accessing the data.


  • A dataset contains multiple records and multiple fields, and it can only be created by this action. A dataset name can be used many times in a script, and it will be closed automatically before creating again.
  • To access the data in the dataset, use the actions "Get Field Value", "Set Field Value", and "Change Current Record Position".