Advanced Input Dialog

Unlike the action "Input Dialog", this action represents a dialog with a grid, enabling end users to edit the multiple data items in one place. It is useful setting the parameters required to play a macro for example.


  • Title of dialog Specifies the dialog box title.

  • Prompt text Specifies the message is displayed above the grid in the dialog box. This message can be used to specify instructions to the user.

  • Action after clicking "Cancel" button Specifies the action when user selects the Cancel button.

  • Specify dialog size Specifies the width and height of the dialog.

  • Title width Specifies the width of the item title in the grid.

  • Specify item spacing Specifies the row spacing between items.

  • Don't show description area Specifies whether to show the description of the item.

  • Press OK button after x seconds Specifies how many seconds need to wait before pressing the OK button automatically if no user activity has been detected.

Options of item

  • Title Specifies the title of the item.

  • Description Specifies the description that is displayed when the item is highlighted.

  • Item type Specifies one of the following data input controls: Text, Number, Password, Boolean, Drop down, Drop list, Drop list for multiple selection, Date, Time, Date and time, Color File.

  • Populate variable with input value Specifies a variable to store the value.

  • Default value Specifies the default value of the input field

  • Specify group name this item belong to Specifies the group name for the item.

  • Value is required Specifies that input field must be filled out before closing the dialog.

  • Readonly Specifies that the input field is read only (cannot be changed). It is used to represent a data in general.


For more information about the variable and data type, please refer to "Variable and Expression".