Choice Dialog

Displays a multiple choice dialog box that prompts the user for a choice. It's useful when the user must make a decision that will affect the execution of the subsequent steps.


  • Prompt string Specifies the title of the dialog, and it will be displayed in the dialog box, and can be used to inform the user why need to input a value.

  • List type Specifies how to list the items. It can be one of the following:

    • Dropdown combobox
    • Droplist
    • List box
    • Radio option
    • Check box

  • Items Specifies the items for multiple selection. Each item should be separated by the semicolon characters.

  • Items from an array Specifies an array name, all items of the array will be placed in the choice dialog as the items.

  • Initial value Specifies a default value.

  • Return value-type Specifies to return whether the text of the selected item or its 0-based index number.

  • Populate variable with result Specifies a variable to store the selected item. Multiple-selection will be separated by the semicolon characters.

  • Action after clicking "Cancel" button Specifies an action that should be executed after the "Cancel" button is clicked.

  • Force selection Specifies that the user must make a valid selection before continuing.

  • Allow multiple selections for list Specifies whether to allow multiple selections for the list.

  • Press OK button after x seconds Specifies whether to press the OK button automatically.


The variable for selected items shouldn't be empty, for more information about the variable and data type, please refer to "Variable and Expression".