File-selection Dialog

Displays file-selection dialog for a file name. The action can be used for asking a file name during a macro is playing back.


  • Type of a dialog Specifies the type of the dialog, it can be "Open file" or "Save as".

  • Initial file name Specifies a default file name which will be placed in the file name field when the dialog shows.

  • Initial folder Specifies a path to be the initial directory. If Initial file name contains a path, that path is the initial directory.

  • Filter of file type Specifies a filter strings. Multi-type should be separated by string \0. The first string in each pair is a display string that describes the filter (for example, "Text Files"), and the second string specifies the filter pattern (for example, "*.TXT"). To specify multiple filter patterns for a single display string, use a semicolon to separate the patterns (for example, "*.TXT;*.DOC;*.BAK"). A pattern string can be a combination of valid file name characters and the asterisk (*) wildcard character. Do not include spaces in the pattern string.

  • After clicking "Cancel" button Specifies an action that should be executed after the "Cancel" button is clicked.

  • Store file name into variable Specifies the name of an already defined variable that should be populated with the full-path file name.


The variable for the path of the folder shouldn't be empty, for more information about the variable, please refer to "Variable and Expression".