Input Dialog

Displays an input dialog box that lets the user enter a value, the entered value will be used in the subsequent actions. For example, you may use the action to ask user which type of files should be copied in a file copy task.


  • Prompt string The title of dialog, it will be displayed in the dialog box, and can be used to inform the user why need to input a value.

  • Initial value Specifies a default value.

  • Format of value Specifies which format of value is allowed. For example, if the option is "Only numeric is allowed" and the user enter a string "abc", an error message box will popup when "OK" button is clicked.

  • Value must not be empty With the option checked, the "OK" button will be grayed if there is nothing in the input field.

  • Press OK button after x seconds Specifies whether to automatically press OK button.

  • Height of editbox (Rows) Specifies a number great than zero to allow type multiple line text.

  • Action after clicking "Cancel" button Specifies an action that should be executed after the "Cancel" button is clicked.

  • Store entered value into Specifies the name of an already defined variable that should be populated with the entered value.

  • Convert value to Specifies how to store the value.

  • Display a picture on input dialog Specifies whether displays a picture on the dialog. The picture can be used to guide users to type something. The common usage is show the CAPTCHA from webpage.

  • Picture from variable Specifies the name of the variable which holds the picture data. The image may also use the built-in function IMG_LOAD to load, for example: %=IMG_LOAD( "aaa.bmp" )%

  • Picture from a file Specifies the image file name. The image file type can be JPG, GIF, BMP, PNG, or TIFF.


The variable for the input value shouldn't be empty, for more information about the variable and data type, please refer to "Variable and Expression".