Select a Folder

Select a folder for subsequent actions. For example, you may utilize the instruction to select the source folder or destination folder in a file copying task.


  • Title of dialog The title of dialog, it will be displayed in the dialog box, and can be used to inform the user why need to choose a folder.

  • Initial folder Specifies the path of a folder to select, the folder will be located when the dialog shows.

  • Do not show network folder Specifies whether to include network folders below the domain level in the dialog box.

  • Action after clicking "Cancel" button Specifies an action that should be executed after the "Cancel" button is clicked.

  • Retrieve path of folder into variable Specifies the name of an already defined variable that should be populated with the path of the folder.


The variable for the path of the folder shouldn't be empty, for more information about the variable, please refer to "Variable and Expression".