Show Tips Text

Displays a window and shows the tips text. The instruction is useful before a long-time operation is about to go. You also use it to inform the user something.

Unlike the instruction "Message Dialog", the player will not wait for the user to click a button, it immediately goes to the next step once the tips window is opened.


  • Title Specifies the title of the tips text.

  • Message Specifies the content of the tips text.

  • Hide message window automatically after x second Specifies whether to hide the window automatically. If the option is checked, the window will be closed automatically. Otherwise, the windows must be closed by the action "Hide Tips Text".

  • Text window position is relative to Specifies the position of the left-top corner of the window, it can be one of the following.:

    • Relative to the screen
    • Relative to the foreground window
    • Relative to the current cursor position
    • Center in the screen

  • Window Size Specifies the size of the window.