Find Cell

Searches the worksheet for a cell that matches a specified criteria.


  • Document name Specifies the document for reading, the document should be opened by the instruction "Open Document" before this step is performed.

  • Worksheet Specifies the worksheet which contains the cell to be searched for.

  • Look in column Specifies which column will be searched, the column should be in range from 'A' to 'IV'.

  • Start row Specifies the start row number of the cell, the searching will start from here.

  • Find what Specifies the content to find, it can be a string or any Excel data type.

  • Look in formulas Specifies whether the search matches the cell formula or value.

  • Match case Specifies whether the search is case-sensitive.

  • Match entire cell contents Specifies whether the search matches entire cells or partial cells.

  • Return row number into Specifies the variable to hold the row number if a match is present. Otherwise, the number -1 will be stored into the variable.


  • The document must be opened by the instruction "Open Document" or "Create a Microsoft Excel Document" , or be connected by the instruction "Connect an Open Document" before this step.
  • Microsoft Excel program must be present in the computer before playing a macro which contains this action.