Read a Cell

Reads a cell's value from an open Microsoft Excel Document, and stores the read data into a variable for using later.


  • Document name Specifies the document for reading.

  • Worksheet name Specifies the worksheet which contains the cell to be read.

  • Cell Specifies the cell to be read.

  • Read what Specifies which property of the cell to be read, it can be Value, hyperlink, formula.

  • Populate variable with result Specifies the variable to hold the read data.

  • Populate variable with state of exceeding rows Stores the number 1 into the variable if the row number exceeds the max row in the used range, otherwise, the number 0 will be stored. You could check out the variable's value to determine if all data have been read/written in the used range.

  • When failed to read from cell Specifies the secondary error level if gets an error during reading.


  • The document must be opened by the instruction "Open Document" or "Create a Microsoft Excel Document" , or be connected by the instruction "Connect an Open Document" before this step.
  • Microsoft Excel program must be present in the computer before playing a macro which contains this action.