Read/Write INI File

Reads the data from a INI file, or writes the data to the INI file. The INI files are simple plain-text files with a basic structure composed of "Sections" and "Items". Programs commonly store the configuration options and process rules into the INI file. You can use this action to store the intermediate data, and read them in the next launch.


  • INI file Specifies a full-qualified name of the INI file.

  • Section name Specifies the section name in the INI file.

  • Item name Specifies the item name in the section.

  • Populate variable with read content Specifies the name of the variable which stores the read data.

  • Convert read content to Specifies the destination data type for the read content.

  • Content to be written For the writing operation, specifies the text to be written.

  • Automatically convert CRLF The INI file can't represent the text with CRLF (carriage return & line feed). With this option checked, the macro player will convert CRLF to the string \n before writing, and convert \n to CRLF after reading.


  • For more information about the variable, please click here