Write Binary File

Write data to a file in binary mode. You can use this action to write binary data such as images.


  • File name Specifies the file name of the destination file.

  • Specify offset to write The position can be one of the following:

    • Begin of file

      Specifies to write the data from the begin of the file.

    • End of file

      Specifies to append the data to file.

    • Specify positon

      In bytes, specifies the position to start writing.

  • Content to write Specifies the content to be written in the file. In general, the binary data is stored in a variable, and it can also be loaded through a function or a expression, for example: %=IMG_LOAD("d:\\aaa.jpg")%, it loads a jpeg file as a binary data.

  • Failed if destination file exists The destination file will not be overwritten if this option is checked, and will throw an error.

  • Truncate file to written position Specifies whether to resize the destination file after written. This option is usually used in conjunction with the option "Begin of file" and "Specify position" in the parameter "Specify offset to write" to clear the rest of the file.