FTP - List Files

Retrieves the files list on the FTP server.


  • Session name Specifies the FTP session name.

  • Remote files Specifies the files name to be deleted. The wild-character * and ? is allowed, multiple names should be separated by the semi-colon, for example: \home\*.jpg;*.bmp;*.gif;

  • Exclude mask Specifies the files name to be excluded.

  • Match case Specifies whether the search finds the source files which names match the case of characters exactly.

  • Include sub-folders Specifies whether the search extends to the sub-folders of the Remote files.

  • Include folder Specifies whether to return the folder. With this option unchecked, only files' information will be returned.

  • Populate array with list Specifies the name of the variable which stores the files information.

  • Populate variable with number of files Specifies the name of the variable which stores the number of files.


  • The array will be resized as a two-dimensions array automatically. The information of the each file will be stored in array like the below:

    File nameFile sizeModified Date-timeIs a Folder
    a.jpg2314502/03/2012 08:30FALSE
    b.jpg12003202/03/2012 08:30FALSE
  • The session name is used to identify an open FTP session, it's determined in the actions "FTP - Log On" or "FTP - Connect Session in Parent".