General settings and Error Handling Options

Error Handling Options

If an error occurred during playing this action, one of the following action should carry out.

  • Throw the error Macro Player will throw the error message and stop the playback.

  • Ignore the error Macro Player will ignore the error and continue to play the following actions.

Retry this action if an error or warning occurs

    Specifies how many times for re-executing this step if an error or warning occurs.

  • Pausing before trying again Specifies the delay time before retrying.

Playback log for this action

    Specifies the log level for this action only, the option will overwrite the log settings of the script.

General Parameters

  • Delay before playing this action Specifies the time interval to suspend before playing the action, in milliseconds.

  • Action is enabled Specifies whether the action is enabled or disabled.


For the option "Ignore the error", you can test the global variable "error" to learn out executing the action is OK or not.