Resize Image

Resizes an image file.


  • Image file Specifies the image file to be resized, it supports formats BMP, GIF,PNG,JPG, and TIFF.

  • Save image to file Specifies whether to save resized image to a new file or original file.

  • Resize type Specifies how to resize the image, it can be:

    • Specify width and height Enter the dimensions for the image in the width and height boxes.
    • Offset width and height Enter a positive number to add to the image's orginal size, or a negative number to subtract from the image's orginal size.

  • Width Specifies dimension for the width in pixels or percent.

  • Height Specifies dimension for the height in pixels or percent.

  • Resample type Sets the interpolation mode which determines the algorithm that is used when images are resized.

  • Constrain proportions Specifies whether to maintain the original ratio of width to height measurement.

  • Fill background color with specified color Only available if the option Constrain proportions is selected.