Series Keystrokes

Simulates a series of keystrokes to the focused window.


  • Keystrokes Specifies the keystrokes to send to the focused window.

  • Keep current foreground window focues value With the option checked, the window that is currently at the front when the action starts will be re-focused before simulating each keystroke.

  • Lock keyboard and mouse Specifies whether to lock keyboard and mouse during the execution of the action. The keyboard and mouse will be unlocked automatically when the action is finished.

  • Don't show keystrokes in action list With the option checked, the keystrokes will be shown as the asterisk characters in the Macro Editor.

  • Time interval value between keystrokes Specifies the delay value between simulating each keystroke.


    Each keystroke is represented by one or more characters. You may use the character itself to specify the keystroke. For example, to represent the letter A, use A. To represent special key, you must enclose them in braces. For example, {Backspace}, {Return}. The keys combination is allowed, but you must use the braces to enclose them as well. For example, {Ctrl+S}, {Shift+A}.