Loop Dataset

Loops through records in a databaset.


  • Dataset name Specifies the dataset name.

  • Fields Specifies which fields should be readed, the available options are:

    • Locate field by field name
    • Locate field by index number
    • Read all fields

  • Loop manner Specifies how to loop, the available options are:

    • Read all fields of record each loop
    • Read one field of record each loop

  • Records to loop Specifies which rows to be looped, the available options are:

    • Loop x records, specifies how many records to be loop
    • Specify start and end record number
    • All records

  • Populate variable with current value Specifies the variable to store the value of the cell on each successive loop.

  • Populate variable with current row number Specifies the variable to be populated with the current row number on each successive loop.


  • The dataset must be existed before this action, you can use the actions "Execute SQL Statement" or "Connect dataset in parent task" to create a dataset.
  • For more information about the variable, please refer to "Variable and Expression".