Loop Microsoft Excel

Loops through cells in a Microsoft Excel document.


  • Document name Specifies the document for reading.

  • Worksheet name Specifies the worksheet which contains the cell to be read.

  • Loop manner Specifies how to loop, the available options are:

    • Row mode, read all columns of row each loop
    • Cell mode, read one cell each loop (left to right)

  • Rows to read Specifies which rows to be looped, the available options are:

    • Specify rows, multi-rows should be separated by the semicolon, e.g. 1;2;10;13
    • Specify start and end row
    • All rows

  • Columns to read Specifies which columns to be looped, the available options are:

    • Specify columns, multi-columns should be separated by the semicolon, e.g. B;D;F;AA
    • Specify start and end column
    • All columns

  • Read what Specifies which property of the cell to be read, it can be Value, hyperlink, formula.

  • Populate variable with current value Specifies the variable to store the value of the cell on each successive loop.

  • Populate variable with current row number Specifies the variable to be populated with the current row number on each successive loop.


  • The document must be opened by the instruction "Open Document", or be connected by the instruction "Connect an Open Document" before this step.
  • Microsoft Excel program must be present in the computer before playing a macro which contains this action.
  • For more information about the variable, please refer to "Variable and Expression".