Mouse Move Activity

The instruction is different from "Move Mouse", it allows up to 16383 mouse move actions to assemble into one step. It would make editing mouse action more easer than even, you just copy/paste one step to perform moving or duplicating a series of action.


  • Name Specifies a name for the activity to describe what the activity does.

  • position is relative to Specifies how to calculate the mouse cursor's position, it can be one of the following:

    • Relative to the screen coordinates
      Absolute coordinates, start from the top-left of the screen.

    • Relative to the foreground window
      Relative coordinates, start from the top-left of the foreground window.

    • Relative to the current position
      Relative coordinates, start from the position of the current mouse pointer.

  • Pos X Specifies the value of X coordinate.

  • Pos Y Specifies the value of Y coordinate.

  • Time interval Specifies the minimum time interval for which execution is to be suspended, in milliseconds.

Capture tool

It is a tool for acquiring the position data of the mouse pointer. You press the button 'Acquire' to start, and then drag the pointer to acquire data.

  • Tolerance Specifies a time interval to determine how frequently the capture acquires the position data, in milliseconds. Bigger value causes to acquire fewer amounts of the position data.