Connect Network Resource

Makes a connection to a local network resource. The action can redirect a local device to the network resource.


  • Network resource Specifies the network resource to connect to. For example: \\\e

  • Use local device name Specifies whether to redirect the network connection to the local device.

  • Return local name into Specifies a variable for storing the local device name when the connection is ok.

  • User name/password Specifies the user name and password for making the connection. You may left the fields blank for using the default user name.

  • Interact with user if failed to authorize Specifies whether to show the dialog for authorization purpose when connecting the network connection is failed

  • Network resource should be remembered Specifies whether to remember the network connection. With the option checked, the operating system automatically attempts to restore the connection when the user logs on.


  • For more information about the file and printer sharing, please refer to "Windows Help".
  • For more information about the variable, please refer to "Variable and Expression".