HTTP Download

Downloads a file from the specified URL via the HTTP protocol.


  • URL Specifies the URL to be downloaded.

  • Populate variable with status code Specifies a variable to hold the status code from the web.

  • Store received data into local file Specifies a file to store the downloaded data.

  • If file exists Specifies how to store the data if the local file does exist. It can be one of the following:

    • Don't save
    • Overwrite existing file
    • Save with a unique file name (A number will be appended to the file name)
  • Store received data into Specifies a variable to hold the downloaded data.

  • Result data type Specifies how to save the data for the variable and file, it can be the binary format or text format.

  • Authentication information Specifies the user name and password if authentication is required for accessing the URL.


  • For more information about the proxy options, please refer to "Proxy".
  • For more information about the timeout options, please refer to "Timeout".