Advanced Options for Play a Macro

The advanced options for the instruction Play a macro.


  • Initial speed Specifies the initial speed.

  • Repeat playback times Specifies the times of playback, the value 0 indicates to play the macro continuously until you stop it.

  • Wait until playback of macro is completed Specifies whether to wait for the playback to complete or instantly goto the next step.

  • Play macro in a new process With this option checked, a new player process will be created for playing the macro. The macro will not be allowed to access the data in the parent.

  • End playback if parent macro is completed With this option checked, the macro will be stopped once the playback of the parent is done.

  • Time out Specifies how much time can be consumed for playing the macro, and what to do if the time is out.


  • If the sub task (macro) needs to access the data in this script, like as variables, documents, webpages and datasets, the option "Wait until playback of macro is completed" must be checked.

  • The audio file should be WAV file format. If the "Audio file" is not specified, the PC speaker will work.