Play a Macro

Play a macro. The instruction is useful for reusing code so the same task does not have to be written over and over again.


  • Macro is in macro folder Specifies a script file in the macro folder, the path will be converted into a relative path.

  • Macro is not in macro folder Specifies a full path of the script file.

  • Password for playback Specifies the password for playback the macro, it will ignore the value if the macro does not protected by password.

  • Initial variable value Specifies the initial value to the variables in the macro.


  • If the sub task (macro) needs to access the data in this script, like as variables, documents, webpages and datasets, the option "Wait until playback of macro is completed" must be checked.

  • For more options for "Play a Macro", please refer to "Advanced Options".

  • The Macro is in macro folder is good choice if the destination script file is stored in the macro folder, so when the entire macro folder moves to a new position, the macro player still locate the script file.