Redirect Play Log

By default, all play log items will be written to a log file which has the same filename as the macro script file except of the log file has then file extension .log. In a scenario, a macro may be launched many times at the same time (many instances). If all instances writing the play log items into the single log file may cause that you cannot distinguish the items from other items written by different instances.

This action is used to redirect the play log into the differ file while the playback. As a result each instance has its own log file.


  • Action Specifies how to use the the log file. It can be one of the follow:

    • Rename play log file by adding a string This option will create a new log file which has a new file name by adding postfix string.
    • Use a new log file for execution This option indicates to use a complete new file to log the playback.
    • Use default file name for log file This option indicates use the original log file.
  • Content Specifies the postfix of the log filename, or a path filename to the new log file.