Call Function

Transfers control to a function procedure.


  • Source Specifies the function source. If the function is declared in the current macro, select "Current", otherwise, selec the alias name of the function library. The alias name will be assigned in the action Import Functions Library.

  • Function name Specifies the function to be called.

  • Parameters list Specifies the parameters for calling function, multiple parameters should be separated by commas. The expression should not be quoted by percentage %.


    1. Call function_name()
      Calls the function with no parameters.
    2. Call function_name( "name", 20)
      Two parameters.
    3. Call function_name( "name", v_var + 20)
      Two parameters and expression. The percentage signs is not necessary.
    4. Call function_name( "name", , 30 )
      The second parameter is optional and it's omitted, the default value will be passed into the function.
  • Populate variable with return value Specifies a variable for the returned value.

See Also:

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