Image Search

Searches an image in the specified area on the screen, and then carry out a mouse action at the position of image found. The position coordinates value X and Y could be retrieved for the subsequent actions as well. It's very useful when you have to click on an unfixed position icon, button, or other shape.


  • Image file name Specifies the path name of the image files. When more than one file is used, only first file should be full-path name if all files are in a folder. Every file must be separated by the semicolon (;) from each other. For example: f:\2.bmp;3.bmp;4.bmp.

  • Tolerance Specifies the value (0 - 10) for how much the image searched for can differ from the specified image.

  • Color of transparent pixels Specifies the color of transparent pixels. Transparent pixels will be ignored during searching.

  • Convert image to shape for searching Specifies whether to use shape searching mode. The shape searching mode converts the color image to the binary before searching for the image. It improves search result in case where the color changes.

  • Search in a specified area Specifies the area to limit where to search.

  • Carry out action if image does appear Chooses what action should be executed if the image is found. It can be one of the follow actions:

    • Do nothing
    • Move mouse pointer to position
    • Click mouse button at position
    • Double-click mouse button at position
    • Hold down mouse button
    • Release mouse button at position
  • Which button Chooses which mouse button.

  • Offset position of image found Specifies whether to offset the position of the image found. It can be one of the follow:

    • Left-top of image (default)
    • Center of image
    • Right-top of image
    • Left-bottom of image
    • Right-bottom of image
  • Return coordinates into variables If the image is found on the screen, return the X and Y coordinate.

    • Populate variable with X Specifies a variable to store the coordinate X.

    • Populate variable with Y Specifies a variable to store the coordinate Y.


  • About the options after searching, please refer to "After Searching"
  • If the image does not locate in the area, the coordinates value -1, -1 will be returned, and an error will throw.
  • You may use the action "Text search based on image" to retrieve the position of a string appeared on the screen.