Send a Message to Window

this action is only for the advanced user who has experience in programing.

Sends the specified message to a window or windows.


  • Send type Specifies how to send the message, and it could be the following.

    Post Message Posts the message and returns immediately.

    Send Message Sends the message to the window, and it will wait for until the window procedure has processed the message or the time is out.

  • Timeout Specifies the duration, in milliseconds, of the time-out period. The zero indicates the time-out interval never elapses.

  • Message Specifies the message that should be sent to the window procedure.

  • Return the result into Specifies the variable to receive the result.

  • Parameter type Specifies how to pass the parameter to the message procedure.

  • Parameter value Specifies a value or a variable name.

  • Which window Specifies the window that receives the message.


For more information about specifying a window, please refer to "Specify a Window".