Replace Text

Searches and replaces a sub-string in a text.


  • Text for replacing Specifies the text will be searched and replaced.

  • Start position Specifies the zero-based index of the first character in this CStringT object that is to be included in the extracted sub-string.

  • Find what Specifies the sub string to search for.

  • Replace with Specifies the substitution string. To remove the sub string from the variable, left the field blank.

  • Match case Specifies the searching is case-sensitive or not.

  • Replace all Specifies whether to replace the next matched string or replace all matched.

  • Use regular expression Specifies whether to use regular expression. With this option unchecked, you may also use wildcards such as asterisks (*) and question marks (?) in search string.

  • Populate variable with number of substitutions made If the sub string (pattern) is not found, return value is 0.

  • Populate variable with next start position Specifies a variable to hold the next start position, the next start position is calculated by the follow formula:

    next start position=first occurrence position + size of substitution string