Array - Search

Searches the array for a given value and returns the corresponding position of the first matched element if successful.


  • Array name Specifies the array's name.

  • Position index of start The index of the character in the string to begin the search with

  • Searched value Specifies the value to search for.

  • Data type of searched value Specifies the data type of the searched value.

  • No wildcard characters are allowed With this option checked, the ? and * will be treated as the normal characters.

  • Search for elements with same value type only With this option checked, searching will ignore elements with different value type from the searched value, otherwise, the value of element will be converted to the type of the searched value before comparing.

  • Populate variable with index of matched Specifies a variable for storing the position (index number) of the first matched element. The number -1 will return if searching failed.