Advanced Get Variable Value

This action is only for the advanced user who has experience in programing.

Retrieve the content from a variable's buffer in the binary data manner. In many cases, after calling function in an external DLL, the return result will be stored as a structural data manner in the variable's buffer. You have to use this action to retrieve the member value from the buffer.


  • Variable name Specifies the variable to read.

  • Read method Specifies how to convert the read content.

  • Offset to read Specifies the offset position to the begin of the variable's buffer, in bytes or characters.

  • Limit block size of reading Specifies whether to limit the amount of the content, in bytes or characters.

  • In bytes With the option unchecked, it reads the content in characters for the string type.

  • Return value into Specifies the variable for storing the read content.

  • Convert to UNICODE text If the read content is the text in ANSI format, then must check this option to convert it into UNICODE.


  • The offset position is the key for reading the member value correctly, and you have to compute the right value before using the instruction.
  • For more information about the expression, please refer to Variable and Expression.