Fill Array

Fills an array with values.


  • Array items' value Specifies the items' value, and multiple value items should be separated by the semi-colon character.

  • Variable value is plain-text With the option checked, the value will store into the array without any preprocessing. That is, the percent sign % will be treated as a normal character.

  • Change size of array automatically Specifies whether to convert the variable automatically. With the option is checked, the size of dimension of the array will be changed if the array does not have enough items to store the value. And the normal variable will be converted to an array automatically.


  • Syntax of item value

    1. String value
      The string can be quoted by the single/double quotation marks. Otherwise, the value will be treated as the appropriate data type.

    2. Datetime value
      The content must be quoted by the number sign '#', for example: #2007-01-01 08:30#.

    3. Number value
      Supports hexadecimal notation, for example: 0x01a.

    4. Boolean value
      TRUE or FALSE.

  • With the option "Change size of array automatically" unchecked, and if the variable is not an array, then an error will occur.

  • For more information about the expression, please refer to Variable and Expression.