Redefine Variable

Redefines the variable. You can use the action to free up memory by reducing the array size. On the other hand, if you need more storage space for an array, this action can add them.


  • Variable name Specifies the name of the variable to be redefined.

  • Variable type Specifies the variable type, it can be "General", "1-dimensional array", "2-dimensional array", or "3-dimensional array".

  • Set variable value Specifies how to deal with the variable value, it can be the following:

    • Does not change the data in variable
    • Clear the data in variable
    • String value
    • Number value
    • Date/time value
    • Array
  • Initial value Specifies the variable value.

  • Variable value is plain-text Specifies whether to evaluate the initial value as an expression. With the option checked, the value will store it into the variable directly.