Wait for Color

Suspends the playback until the specified color of pixels change to the given color, or to any other color. It's very useful to wait completing an action on an application, because in most of case an action may cause certain pixels color changed in the application's window.


  • Wait until specified: Specifies how to wait for the pixel color, it can be the following:

    • pixel color is same as specified color
    • pixel color is not same as specified color
    • pixel color is changed

  • Wait time value for detecting color change For "Pixel color is changed" only, it specifies the number of seconds to wait for the pixel color.

  • position is relative to Specifies how to calculate the value of the location coordinates, it can be one of the following:

    • Relative to the screen coordinates
      Absolute coordinates, start from the top-left of the screen.

    • Relative to the foreground window
      Relative coordinates, start from the top-left of the foreground window.

    • Relative to the current position
      Relative coordinates, start from the position of the current mouse pointer.

  • Pos X Specifies the value of X coordinate.

  • Pos Y Specifies the value of Y coordinate.

  • Color of pixel Specifies the color of pixel for comparing during playback.

  • Match color value exactly Specifies how to compare the color value, matching exactly or similarly.

  • Tolerance Specifies the tolerance value for the case of Match color value exactly not (unchecked).

  • Pick coordinates and color (Capture tool) A tool for picking position coordinates and color. Just moves the mouse pointer to the right box and drags it to the desired position, and then releases the mouse key.

  • Picked by Hotkey Clicks the button to enter the picking state, and simply moves the mouse pointer around the target position and then presses the hotkey.


  • For time-out options, please refer to "Time out".

  • The tolerance value must be a number from 0 to 255, and the value 0 is same as Match color value exactly