Connect an Open Webpage

Connects an open webpage. This is required if you'd like to perform some actions(filling page form or navigating on the webpage) on the webpage. The instruction will also be used to connect the webpage opened in the parent task.


  • Find method Specifies how to search the webpage.

  • Find content Specifies the title or URL to search.

  • Page name in parent task For the option "Connect to webpage in parent task" only, specifies the page name in the parent task.

  • Match case Specifies whether the search is case-sensitive.

  • Match whole word Specifies whether to search only for whole words that match the search content.

  • Close page at end of playback Specifies whether to close the page at the end of playback of the macro.

  • Close page before connecting Specifies whether to close the page before connecting another one using the same page name.

  • After connecting Specifies whether to wait for the content of page to complete downloading.

  • Page name Specifies a name to the webpage, the page name used to distinguish a webpage among the Webpages.

  • Return URL into variable Specifies the name of the variable to which stores the URL of the page.