Navigation Action on Webpage

Performs an action on a Webpage.


  • Page name Specifies the webpage to be worked with. The page name is defined in the action "Open" or "Connect a to an open Webpage".

  • Action Type Specifies the action type, it can be one of the following:

    • Goto
    • Refresh
    • Go back
    • Forward
    • Go homepage
    • Stop
    • Scroll window to top
    • Scroll window to bottom
  • Open a URL Specifies how to deal with the URL, it can be opened in a new window, a new tab.

  • After carrying out Specifies whether to wait for the content of page to complete downloading.

  • Return URL into variable Specifies the variable to hold the new URL if the page's URL changed after performing the action.


For more information about timeout, please refer to "Timeout".