On Popup Window on Webpage

Specifies how to deal with the popup window in webpage. Some webpage actions (such as "Click", "submit form" and so on) may pop out a window which contains the message, or prompts user for some stuff. This may cause the execution of the script to suspend until the user clicks a button on the window. Using this action you have the player to click a button automatically. It can also automatically fill the popup window with the predefined text, which is very useful to deal with the file button on the page.


  • This rule just applies to Specifies which popup window this rule will apply for. About the window index number, please see the note below.

  • When window pops out Specifies which button should be clicked automatically. It can be the one of following:

    • Do nothing
    • Select first button
    • Select second button
    • Select third button
    • Select button based on the message in dialog
  • Before carrying out action, wait for Specifies the time interval for which execution is to be delay.

  • Automatically place text into text field Specifies the text to be used to fill the text box in the popup window. The multiple text should be separated by the \0, for example:


  • It's only available during performing a webpage action With this option checked, this rule only applies for the windows which pop up during executing a webpage action.

  • Reset counter of popup window With this option checked, the global popup window counter will be reset, the index number value will start from 1 again when a popup window appears.


  • The window counter maintains the index number of popup windows, and its value increments each time the popup window appears. Macro Player has two popup window counters, the global counter and local counter. The global counter always avaiable and increments for every popup window on the webpage. The local counter starts when executes a webpage action, and stops after completing the action. If the option "It's only available during performing a webpage action" checked, does mean that rule is for the local counter only.

  • The instruction can only work for the script popup window but the inner-window which is implemented by the div style or other skills.