Save webpage content

Stores the content in the web page into a variable or local file. You may use this action and "Find Text" to extract particular data from the web.


  • Page name Specifies which page will be read. The webpage should be opened or connected before executing this action.

  • Save to local file (optional) Specifies a filename to save the content in.

  • Populate variable with page content (optional) Specifies a variable to save the content in.

  • Save HTML source With the option unchecked, only the text show in the browser will be saved.

  • Save content of main frame Specifies to save the content in the main frame, and if the page contains frames, the content in the frames will be ignored.

  • Save content of a frame Specifies to save the content of a frame in the page.

  • Save all frames With this option selected, all content in the page will be saved, includes all inner frames.


  • When saving all frames, and the option "Save HTML source" is checked, every frame will store into the separated file, and excepts the file of the main frame, the other files' name will be added a sort number, file_0, file_1, file_2 , etc.