Keep Window's State

Ensures the specified window's size, position before performing an action. It only affect the subsequent steps. When this action executing, Player will save the specified window's size, state, position and other properties as the orginal value.


  • Which window Specifies a window to be manipulated. Please see the "Which Window"

  • Which actions: Specifies which actions will be applied this rule. The available options are:

    • Mouse and mouse actions only
    • Mouse actions only
    • Keyboard actions only
    • All actions
    • Cancel window state keeping
  • Keep window active Activates the specified window before executing an action.

  • Keep size of window Resizes the specified window to the orginal value before executing an action.

  • Keep position of window Moves the specified window to the orginal position before executing an action.

  • Move mouse pointer base on this window With this option checked, all subsequence mouse actions will compute the coordinates based on the window's left-top corner if they use the position is relative to the window.

  • Notes:

    If you want to change the orginal value, you just insert this action again. Player will save the window's current state as the orignal value.