Command line Usage

Macro Player is designed to allow the user playing a macro from the command line environment, such as a batch file, an external program and "Command Prompt".

If you want to use Macro Player on the command line, the syntax of the Macro Player command is:

"C:\Program files\GrassSoft\Macro Expert\MacroPlayer.exe" "" [option1:value1 | option2:value1 | - [...]]


  • "MacroFile" Required parameter, specifies the macro file to play, the file name must be quoted by a pair of the double quotation marks.

  • Speed Specifies the initial speed of playback. The speed value should be in range -10 to 10, and the value 0 indicates the original speed.

  • Pause Specifies whether to pause before playing back.

  • Quickplay Specifies 0 or 1 to determine whether showing the play option dialog or not.

  • Times Specifies the total repeat times of playback.

  • Password Specifies the password to play the macro.

  • NoINI Specifies whether to save the options of playing, 1 indicates no saving, 0 saving, default to 0.

  • -v Specifies the initial value of the variables. Multiple variables should be separated by the ampersand character & and quoted by the double quotation marks.


    Basic usage:

    MacroPlayer.exe "" times:1

    Quick play:

    MacroPlayer.exe "" quickplay:1

    Given initial play speed:

    MacroPlayer.exe "" quickplay:1 speed:2

    Given initial variables value:

    MacroPlayer.exe "" quickplay:1 speed:2 -v"name=jack&age=20"