• Row space Specifies the space between rows in the actions list view.

  • View delay time value Specifies whether to display the delay time value of a step.

  • View line numbers Specifies whether to display the line numbers in the steps list.

  • View mouse pointer Specifies whether to show a pointer image for the mouse action.

  • Use transparent window in edit mode When enabled, it makes Macro Editor's window transparent when edit a script, so that you can see the content which is covered by the editor window.

  • Word wrap With the option checked, the action text will be carried over to the next line to avoid horizontal scrolling.

  • Opacity value of window Specifies alpha value of the window

  • Collapse all other actions category nodes but selected node With this option checked, all other categorys of actions will be collapsed when the selected one is expended in the actions tree view.