General Tab

Macro files

Specifies a folder that contains named macros.

Log files

Specifies a folder to save the log of playing macro and the log of Macro Service.

Language for interface.

Select the language for interface of Macro Expert.

Log manager message.

Specifies whether to record the message and error from the administering operations, such as importing a script, removing a macro, modifying a macro, etc.

Check for updates

Specifies how often to check updates.

Open main window when Macro Manager starts

If the option is unchecked, the main window will not appear when Macro Manager starts, but you also can open it by clicking the icon on the systray.

Automatically run Macro Manager when I log on to the windows

Please keep in mind, Macro Service will always run even if the Macro Manager is not running, it means a triggered or scheduled macro will be launched yet. To stop this, you must suspend the Macro Expert.

Password for Macro Manager

Specifies the password for opening and accessing Macro Manager.


  • The progress window will always show when the process of playing or recording is paused even if it is specified to be invisible.