Default Playback Options

These common options are for all macros. Every macro has its own playback options, for more information, please refer to Playback options.

Opacity of progress window.

Specifies the opacity level of the playback progress window. If this value is less than 30, the progress window is invisible; if the value is 100, the progress window is opaque.

Make a quick play when pressing hot key

Specifies how to play the macro when the hotkey of a macro is pressed.

Pause before starting playback

Specifies whether to pause before starting playback.

Hide Macro Manager before starting playback

Specifies whether to hide the main window of Macro Manager. It can prevent the window from disturbing the playback.

Progress window automatically dodges mouse pointer.

Specifies whether the playback progress window automatically dodges the mouse pointer. You may take the option checked to be sure that the mouse actions perform correctly on the right window and right position. Otherwise, the mouse clicking may be occurred on the progress window.

Play a sound before playing

Specifies whether to play a sound before playing the macro.

Sound file

The wav file for informing.