Record keystrokes

Specifies whether to record keystroke.

Save time interval between two keystrokes

Valid only if Record keystrokes is checked. It specifies whether to save the time interval between two keystrokes.

Record mouse activity

Specifies whether to record mouse activity, including button clicking, double clicking.

Record mouse movements

Valid only if Record mouse activity is checked. It specifies whether to record mouse movement.

Mouse position is relative

Specifies how to convert the coordinates of the mouse actions. The foreground window mode is useful in the most cases, as it makes the mouse acting on the correct position in the active window even if the window moves to another location.

Fill properties after recording

With the option checked, the recording will start immediately rather than show the record wizard for the options.

Minimize all windows except target one before recording

With the option checked, the recording will minimize all windows but the target mone before recording. It will be immune to any other applications interference.

Show a countdown before recording macro

Specifies whether to show a countdown window before starting the recording. So that, ou have a monment to move the mouse pointer to the appropriate position or close/open some windows.

Play sound for reminding

Specifies whether to play a sound to inform before recording, or completing the recording.

Move over recording monitor window if mouse pointer stays in it

Specifies whether the recording monitor window automatically dodges the mouse pointer. You may take the option checked to prevent the monitor window from disturbing the recording. On the other hand, the monitor window gets away from there when you move the mouse pointer on it, so that you can click somewhere covered by the monitor window.

Record window activating event for making sure playing back correctly

Specifies whether to use the smart mode to record. With this option checked, the recorder will track all windows on the screen and insert the actions to ensure the window's state while play the macro.

Sample period for recording mouse movement

Specifies the sample period for recording mouse movements. If you dont want miss any mouse movement, uncheck it.

Automatically edit script after recording

There were superfluous mouse movements if you click "Stop" button in the recording monitor window to end the recording. You can use this option to remove it.

Compact recorded mouse and keyboard actions

With the option checked, all mouse move actions will be converted to the action "Mouse Move Activity", and all keyboard activity will be converted to "Series Keystrokes".