Parameters for Playback

Show progress window

Specifies the progress window whether to show during playback.

Dodge mouse pointer

Specifies whether to dodge automatically the mouse pointer. If so, the progress window will move away once the mouse pointer touches it. It ensures the actions of mouse clicking to perform correctly on the right window and right position. Otherwise, the progress window may be clicked unexpectedly.

Emulation level

Specifies the emulation level of the mouse and keyboard acvitity. The hardware level emulation will bypass the protection of the most of games.

Show progress window in mini mode

Specifies whether to show the playback progress window in the mini mode. The window in the mini mode has shorter height than the normal.

Wait for interval of action accurately

Specifies whether to suspend the execution of the action accurately. The option is useful if the performance of the computer hardware is not enough fast, and it may cause high CPU usage with the option checked.

Play it back with Administrator right

Specifies whether to launch Macro Player as administrator. For some actions like as writing system files, registry and others, the option is necessary.

Don't show message when user abort playback

Specifies whether to show a message when user aborts the playback.

Hotkey for playback

Assigns a hotkey to the macro. You can use the key combination or a phrase. If you want to remove the option, click the button Clear Hotkey. Please refer to Hotkey for more information.

Initial play speed

Specifies the play speed. The speed can be changed dynamically during the playing by the action Adjust Speed.

Initial variable value

Specifies the initial value for the user variables in the macro. Multiple values can be specified by separating entries with the character &. If you give a variable multiple values, only the last item is valid, for example: v_var1=123&v_var1=567&v_var1=88, the last one v_var1=88 will be used.

Playback repeat times

Specifies how many times the macro should be played by default.

Action after completion

Specifies an action after completing a unattended playback. The action can be one of the following:

  • Nothing.

  • Disable all triggers.