Recording & Editing Temporary Macro

The common usage of Temporary Macro is that records the activities are used only for a short time and then discarded. Temporary Macro will be overwritten each time you record new one. Temporary Macro allows you to quickly record keyboard and mouse activity without the need for the name and description. If you want to reuse it later, you can save Temporary Macro as a named macro to prevent it from being overwritten by the next recorded.

To Record Temporary Macro:

  • In Macro Manager, click the Temporary Macro on the bottom of the window, then select the item Record Temporary Macro.

To Edit Temporary Macro:

  • In Macro Manager, click the Temporary Macro, then select the item "Edit Temporary Macro". If there is no Temporary Macro recorded, the Macro Editor will create new one.


  • The hotkey option is available for Record Temporary Macro, and Play Temporary Macro. It is the more convenient way than using the menu. To customize the hotkeys, click Options on the bottom of Macro Manager window, then switch to the tab Hotkeys.
  • You can change the options of recording Temporary Macro on the Temporary Macro tab under the Options.