Overview of Macro Scheduler

The scheduler is the most commonly used trigger. It can schedule a macro to perform automatically the tasks at a specific time. You can also schedule the macro to launch periodically (daily, weekly or monthly). Every named macro can have up to 16 schedule items. Macro Expert provides many schedule options for you. The following is the list of available options.

  • Minute
    Specifies the macro to launch every X number of minutes, hours or seconds. With this option, you could also make the macro launch at a random time, for example, between 4 and 10 minutes.

  • Daily
    You choose this option if the macro should be executed every day, week days, or every x number of days.

  • Weekly
    This option allows to launch the macro on the days of the week specified. For example, you can schedule a macro launch every Friday or Tuesday every two weeks.

  • Monthly
    This option allows to play the macro on the days in specified months.

  • At a time
    You choose this the option to launch the macro at the specific time. You can specify up to 32 time points.

  • Once
    This option is similar to the At a time, but it can only specify one time point.

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