Scheduling a Macro

You can schedule a macro to launch periodically (daily, weekly or monthly). Every named macro can have up to 16 schedule items.

Adding a schedule trigger in properties of the macro

  1. Select the macro to be scheduled, then click the button Properties on the toolbar.

  2. Switch to the tab Schedulers.

  3. Click the button Add.

  4. Follow the instructions in the Schedule Wizard.

Adding a schedule trigger in the main tab Schedulers

  1. In Macro Manager, switch to the tab Schedulers.

  2. Click the button Add a scheduler on the toolbar.

  3. Follow the instructions in the Schedule Wizard.


  • Date and time of next launch

    Specifies the date time of starting to play the macro.

  • Launch Macro

    Specifies the time interval on which the schedule will be based.

  • Date and time of end schedule

    Specifies the end date and time for the schedule item. The item will not be available any more once the selected date and time occurs.

  • If schedule item is missed when Macro Service starts

    The Macro Service is responsible for triggering the schedule items. The schedule items may be missed if Macro Service is stopped, or computer is not power on. This option tells Macro Service how to handle the missed items. The available options are following:

    • Don't Run
    • Prompt for run (Default "Yes")
    • Prompt for run (Default "No")
    • always Run
  • Wake computer to trigger schedule item

    Specifies whether to wake the computer from sleep and launch the macro once the launch date and time occurs.

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