Macro Attachment

What is a macro attachment?

A macro attachment is a computer file resided in a macro script file. One or more files can be attached to a macro, and be copied along with it to other computers. This is typically used as a simple method to share macro script files. A macro playback requires some files to be completed correctly, such as: image files used for Image Search action, predefined playback parameters, configuration data, account numbers, some data for searching, and so on. Typically, these data and macro script files are saved separately. If the macro is always played on a certain computer, there is no problem, but when this macro often needs to be used on different computers, after copying the macro script file, these files must also be copied together, otherwise playback errors will occur due to the lack of these necessary files. Using the macro attachment function, you can save all of these necessary files in the macro script file. This way, when you need this macro to play on other computers, you just only need to copy the macro script file.

How to manage a macro attachment?

You can manage macro attachment files through Macro Editor. You can add attachments, delete attachments, and modify attachments through menu "Attachments". Alternatively, you can do this on the Attachment panel located in the lower right part of Macro Editor.

What are the disadvantages?

There are three main disadvantages. First, since the files are saved in the macro script file, when you need to modify these files, you must use the Macro Editor to open the script file for modification. Second: It will adversely affect playback performance. When the player executes the steps that require the use of the attachments, it will first extract the attachment to the temporary folder, and then execute the command. If the attachment is large, it will obviously slow down the speed of playback. Therefore, for larger files or for macros with higher performance requirements, it is recommended not to use the attachment function. Third: The attachment is read-only data. It cannot be modified when the macro is played. For some preference or configuration data and need to save new data during playback, it is not suitable for using attachment.

How to use macro attachment?

A macro attachment can be accessed in the step by using IN: attachment_name where name of the attachment is specified when the attachment is added, and may be different from the original name of the file. In the following example, use the attachment in a step of Image Search.